Balancing Act: Comfort & Fashion

Has the sweatsuit made a comeback? You would be forgiven for thinking so. Designer runways and celebrity trend setters have pushed the boundaries of fashion to a new comfort realm. The dizzying popularity of Vêtements has inspired men and women alike to trade in their buttoned up business attire, for a trendy sweatpant or a tongue-and-cheek tee.

This has left many wondering…

Is it appropriate for work? Unless you are in a creative field, probably not.

Can I pull it off at parties? Depends on the scenario and your friends of course, but I wouldn’t aim to woo too many lovers.

How about a trip to the mall? Full sweats may be too blasé, but pair sweatpants with a cool tee and a blazer and you are solid.

For me, the sweatsuit will always hold a dearly nostalgic place in my heart. However it will remain relegated to outdoor adventures, weekend morning jaunts and late night cravings.







Hoodie: Roots Sweatpants: Roots Hat: Goorin Bros (similar) Sunglasses: Spy Optic
Watch: G-Shock (similar) Running Shoes: Nike (similar)
Coffee: Tim Hortons Newspaper: Globe & Mail 



Rink rats and hockey fans have developed a unique hockey lingo, fostered over endless hours spent in the arena. To the rest of us English speakers, it might as well be Dothraki.

The list below will guide you through hockey season and might also help decipher our new favourite comedy show, Letterkenny.

The immensely popular Youtube series turned Crave TV original: Letterkenny, follows Wayne and his comedic friends, while they sort out life, love and hockey in their small fictional town of Letterkenny, Ontario.

1452546553655Watch Letterkenny: Power Pose, here.

BARN: Arena or rink.

BAR DOWN: A shot that hits the crossbar and ricochets into goal.

BEAUTY: Excellent. Often times used to describe a play or player.

BISCUIT: Hockey puck.

CLAPPER: Slap shot.

DANGLE: Clever and deceptive puck handling.

FLOW: Long hockey hair.

MITTS: A nifty set of hands or a players gloves.

PYLON: A slow skating player that can be easily skated around or appears to be standing still.

SNOW: A hockey player coming to an abrupt full stop in front of another player, showering them in snow.

SAUCE: A puck passed through the air, which lands directly before contact of your teammates stick.

SNIPE: A powerfully accurate shot on net, which scores a goal.

TWIG (aka. Weapon): Hockey sticks were historically made of wood. The material has since changed to composite, but the colloquial term twig remains.

Roll Up the Rim to Win


Roll Up the Rim is back and Tim Hortons is prepared to give away 40 Honda Civics, 100 $5,000 CIBC prepaid cards and 150 televisions among millions of coffee and food prizes. On until April 14th, run into your local Timmie’s to grab the best (we may be biased) morning brew and take a chance on Canada’s favourite gamble.

To help entice you to grab your toque and brave the winter storm, we have a list of our top 5 secret Tim Hortons menu items that only a true Canadian knows to order.

  1. Dirty Ice Cappuccino: Order your ice cap with chocolate milk, instead of cream.
  2. Iced French Vanilla: Substitute your iced coffee, for an iced French vanilla.
  3. Cheap Mocha: Order ½ coffee, ½ hot chocolate.
  4. French Vanilla Light: Order ½ coffee, ½ French vanilla.
  5. Finally, to accompany your delicious drink ask your server to heat up your doughnut, cookie or muffin. It is life changing!






Jacket: Pajar Toque: J.Crew (similar) Plaid: J.Crew (similar) Coffee: Tim Hortons


2017 Discovery Pass

In celebration of Canada’s 150th, Parks Canada is offering free coast to coast access to all of its national parks, marine conservation areas and historical sites. All it takes is a quick online registration and a touch of patience; while your pass is delivered straight to your doorstep (did we mention free shipping?).

To get your pass today, please visit:

Our top three picks:

  1. Jasper National Parkparkscanada_ryan-bray-e1469804492184Photo courtesy of Parks Canada/Ryan Bray 
  2. Thousand Islandsboldtcastle_aerial Photo courtesy of 
  3. Riel House72592Photo courtesy of

Amazing, eh?