The Canucker Does Dallas


Fresh off the plane and starving, we were thrilled to find an In-N-Out burger across the street from our hotel. We recommend the double-double. For a more local (and vintage) experience, make sure to pop over to the Keller’s Drive In, which is all but missing the rollerblades. Delicious burgers and a fantastic experience to boot.


The Sixth Floor Museum was extremely powerful and perfectly executed. A must see!


Highland Park Village embodies the finer things in life. Top designer boutiques, exquisite restaurants and our personal favourite: Bird Bakery. The cupcakes are life changing!


The Dallas Arboretum is a great place to escape the big city and enjoy nature. A natural oasis filled with endless fields of flowers and perfectly manicured gardens. Take a deep breath, stroll and enjoy!


When in Texas…


Let me preface this by advising you arrive early. 10:30am lunch type of early. But h*ll it’s worth it! Hands down, Pecan Lodge has the best BBQ we have tried to date. Quick insiders tip: Skip the line, by sitting at the bar.


Disclaimer: Western spirit is contagious.


You cannot visit Dallas and miss Fort Worth. It is like stepping into a Western film, in all the best ways. Cowboy hats, horses, country music & saloons galore.


Already planning our next trip to Dallas, where out hearts remained.


A Short History of a Canadian Icon: The Hudson’s Bay Company

An influential part of Canada’s past and the oldest incorporated joint-stock merchandising company in the world, Hudson’s Bay continues to play a dominant role in Canada and its retail sector.

Two Frenchmen, Médard Chouart des Groseilliers and Pierre-Esprit Radisson reached out to an interested English Prince Rupert after failing to garner the necessary support from France. They proposed a trading company in Canada to benefit from the rich fur resources found in the interior Hudson Bay basin.

Prince Rupert was granted ownership of a million and a half square miles (over 40% of modern day Canada) surrounding Hudson Bay by his cousin King Charles. It was aptly named Rupert’s Land.

The Hudson’s Bay Company was founded in 1670, with exclusive trading rights. Beaver fur was largely in demand due to the exceeding popularity of fur hats in Europe. As such, the chief focus of HBC between 1670 and 1870 was fur trade.

Local aboriginals participated in fur hunting, trading in their spoils for European goods and tools. One popularly traded commodity was the now iconic point blanket.

In 1869 HBC traded Rupert’s Land back to the English crown, in return for large sums of money and significant land holdings. By 1870 Rupert’s Land was incorporated into the newly independent Canada.

By 1913 the company’s focus had moved towards retail and they opened the first of the original six department stores, in Calgary. To this day, the Hudson’s Bay Company remains an iconic driving force in Canada’s retail sector, with over 90 department stores across the country.


IMGP0834 2




Sweater: Hudson’s Bay Company (sold out) Chinos: J.Crew
Shirt: Hugo Boss Hat: Goorin Bros (similar)

Balancing Act: Comfort & Fashion

Has the sweatsuit made a comeback? You would be forgiven for thinking so. Designer runways and celebrity trend setters have pushed the boundaries of fashion to a new comfort realm. The dizzying popularity of Vêtements has inspired men and women alike to trade in their buttoned up business attire, for a trendy sweatpant or a tongue-and-cheek tee.

This has left many wondering…

Is it appropriate for work? Unless you are in a creative field, probably not.

Can I pull it off at parties? Depends on the scenario and your friends of course, but I wouldn’t aim to woo too many lovers.

How about a trip to the mall? Full sweats may be too blasé, but pair sweatpants with a cool tee and a blazer and you are solid.

For me, the sweatsuit will always hold a dearly nostalgic place in my heart. However it will remain relegated to outdoor adventures, weekend morning jaunts and late night cravings.







Hoodie: Roots Sweatpants: Roots Hat: Goorin Bros (similar) Sunglasses: Spy Optic
Watch: G-Shock (similar) Running Shoes: Nike (similar)
Coffee: Tim Hortons Newspaper: Globe & Mail