Rink rats and hockey fans have developed a unique hockey lingo, fostered over endless hours spent in the arena. To the rest of us English speakers, it might as well be Dothraki.

The list below will guide you through hockey season and might also help decipher our new favourite comedy show, Letterkenny.

The immensely popular Youtube series turned Crave TV original: Letterkenny, follows Wayne and his comedic friends, while they sort out life, love and hockey in their small fictional town of Letterkenny, Ontario.

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BARN: Arena or rink.

BAR DOWN: A shot that hits the crossbar and ricochets into goal.

BEAUTY: Excellent. Often times used to describe a play or player.

BISCUIT: Hockey puck.

CLAPPER: Slap shot.

DANGLE: Clever and deceptive puck handling.

FLOW: Long hockey hair.

MITTS: A nifty set of hands or a players gloves.

PYLON: A slow skating player that can be easily skated around or appears to be standing still.

SNOW: A hockey player coming to an abrupt full stop in front of another player, showering them in snow.

SAUCE: A puck passed through the air, which lands directly before contact of your teammates stick.

SNIPE: A powerfully accurate shot on net, which scores a goal.

TWIG (aka. Weapon): Hockey sticks were historically made of wood. The material has since changed to composite, but the colloquial term twig remains.